Landscape, food and good weather. That is what tourists who visit the Somiedo Nature Park are looking for. And the curious thing is that many return to the area after spending vacations in the council in past years. “We came a few years ago and now we wanted to show it to children, the landscape is the main reason that brings us here and the number of activities that can be done,” explains José Ángel López, from the Canary Islands.

Some resources to which, undoubtedly, the interest of tourists to see wildlife is added, and if they are bears, even better. “I come exclusively to see them, last year I had one fifty meters away in Castro and I saw three in total, it’s a very exciting moment,” says Fabian Bol, a French tourist. Miguel Gil, from Valladolid, also tried to enjoy the image of the Cantabrian bear: “We saw something from afar but then we realized they were wild boars; anyway we had a nice time”, he comments between laughs.

Somiedo likes and catches. “This is the third time we have come because of the tranquility that is breathed, here we can disconnect,” says Carlos Verdú, from Valencia. Next to her, Yolanda Andújar insists that the Asturian landscapes and customs are another of the strengths that take them back to Somedano lands: “In addition, our daughter asked us for it as a first communion gift and here we are”.

The certain thing is that the tourist numbers accompany in the municipality and in the center of reception of visitors have noticed an evident increase. It is worth noting the national sector, which after years of decline now accounts for the difference in the increase. In July 2014, a total of 2,752 people passed through the council, which this year has grown to 3,215. “Those four hundred people difference are, for the most part, Spanish,” says Geli García Cano, responsible for offering tourist information.

In addition, the foreigners who visit the area the most are French and Dutch. “A lot of people are arriving these days, this week is always one of the busiest of the year, and it seems that things are very good at the occupancy level, although it is not one hundred percent complete,” adds García. For her part, Olga Suárez, a beekeeper from Salas, believes that visitors highly value artisan and traditional products.

The influx of tourists was noted yesterday in Pola de Somiedo. The rain prevented the vacationers from enjoying the routes and nature activities, but they were entertained, since the fairgrounds of the capital of Somedana hosts a market for crafts and agri-food products that ends today. And the amount of public was noted in the stalls. “The good thing is that whoever comes and stops buys,” says Inés Castro, a sausage vendor.

Tourists were delighted with the wood carving display and enjoyed the Afuega’l Pitu cheese tasting even more. “It’s very tasty”, declare the little ones Unai and Uxue Eguía, from Bilbao. Some did not indulge in snacking because lunchtime was close: “I like everything, the cachopo, the fabada, the Cabrales croquettes…”, asserts Javier Yustas, from Madrid. Others, like Yolanda Fernández, from Valladolid, prefer the cabbage pot, “although everything is very tasty.”

Today they will be able to enjoy the market again, to which is added an exhibition of jet carving, children’s games and the concert by Marisa Valle Rosso. Somiedo rises on the shoulders of tourism.

Source: la Nueva españa.

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