These are some of the publications and events in the Somiedo Nature Park

Eating well and seeing bears, the key to Somiedo Nature Park

Landscape, food and good weather. That is what tourists who visit the Somiedo Nature Park are looking for. And the curious thing is that many return to the area after spending vacations in the council in past years. “We came … Read More

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A bear and three wolves fight over a dead deer in the Somiedo Nature Park.

In the early hours of June 4, 2014, French photographer Eric Poussin observed and videotaped a bear and three wolves in a tense competition for possession of a dead deer in an area of the Somiedo Nature Park. These images, … Read More

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The life of bears through the four seasons

A journey through the life of Cantabrian bears through the four seasons of the year. It is a documentary made by the Oso Pardo Foundation (FOP) for the cooperation project “Red de Territorios Oseros”, developed by the Rural Development Groups … Read More

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Somiedo: beauty in its purest form

The Somiedo Nature Park spans five valleys: Saliencia, Valle del Lago, Puerto and Pola de Somiedo, Perlunes and Pigüeña, and their five rivers with which they share their name, covering an area of 283 square kilometers. Man has known how … Read More

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Bears in sight

While in India the Supreme Court prohibits tourism linked to tigers, in Somiedo (Asturias), beyond table-top television documentaries, they are delighted that eco-travellers go to the habitats of the forty bears living in their municipality. Bioindicator icon, the bear has … Read More

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The Somiedo Nature Park, chosen among the seven wonders of Spain

The Somiedo Nature Park, in Asturias, has been chosen by Internet users among the “seven wonders of Spain”. The book “Seven Wonders of Spain” combines the passion of travel and photography to tour the natural spaces chosen on social networks … Read More

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